Tax Services
We have all aspects of your tax preparation covered.
Everyone has different tax situations and needs. We have decades of experience with every aspect of tax preparation and planning – personal, business, trusts and audits.  

Business Tax

No matter if you are incorporated, a small business, or a sole proprietor we understand the unique tax implications of each type of return. MBSplus can help you plan and file your taxes accurately & professionally. We are also there to assist with any request or audits by the CRA.


Trust Tax

Estates and Trusts are a key part of succession planning and can impact multiple areas of tax returns. We can help guide you through the process of planning and preparing legacies, as well as filing the proper returns with the CRA.


CRA Audit & Request

Manage the CRA process

If you are like most people, dealing with the Canadian Revenue Agency can be dreadful. At MBS Plus LLP, we have the tax research at our disposal, the experience in dealing with the majority of issues that can come up with the CRA, and most importantly, we know the accounting jargon that will make the CRA process smoother. Book a meeting with us today so you can stop worrying about the CRA tomorrow.