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Tax Planning


Wealth Management

Tax Planning

Strategic services to help develop and grow your business – tax implications, due diligence and planning. MBS Plus has a solid track record of working with business owners and professionals to achieve their goals.


The undertaking of legitimate transactions or arrangements with a view to defer or minimize the payment of taxes.  Depending upon your situation one or more tax planning opportunities may be reasonable.  Common tax planning transactions include, but are not limited to:

  • Tax deferred sale of certain assets to a corporation (a section 85 rollover)

  • Recapitalization of a corporation to minimize punitive taxes such as tax on split income “TOSI”

  • TFSA versus RRSP

  • Salary versus dividend compensation

  • Division of assets in a tax deferred manner (so called Butterfly transactions)

  • Family Trusts

Let us take the guesswork away and develop a tax planning strategy for you.

Corporate Structure

The tax traps and pitfalls that exist are numerous when one is looking for a plan on how to pass a corporation from the current ownership team to the next.  There are a number of tried and true strategies out there, but the trick is finding the strategy that achieves the transition plan to your successors in a manner that minimizes the tax payable when executing on that plan.  Call us to book a meeting to help turn your goal of a smooth transition into reality.

Succession Planning
Personal Tax Planning

Within the income tax act the least number of tax planning opportunities are built with an individual in mind. 

However, just because there are fewer options available doesn’t mean that a sound tax plan cannot be put in place to keep the taxes you will have to pay to the lowest legal amount possible. Contact us to book a meeting  to start getting your personal finance optimized for tax.


Achieving your goals and taking advantage of all the benefits you could receive requires insight and experience. Regardless of being a sole proprietor or corporate business owner, hiring a professional to offer consulting services and provide extra resources and/or expertise is a positive choice that helps and supports you.


MBS Plus provides consulting in several different ways. For starters, we can ensure that any potential tax implications regarding your financial decisions are considered and structured in the most tax advantageous way. If you are looking to purchase or sell a corporation, we will help with the due diligence and make sure you do not overpay when purchasing a business or under-sell when selling a business.

Given our wealth of experience in many different industries and situations, we are prepared to help you in various ways and will assist you in making tough strategic decisions. We will demonstrate the best direction to take and inform you of any strengths and weaknesses along the way.

Strategic planning
Let us help you

Knowing you need a strategic plan and actually creating one are two different things.  Also, we are often too close to our company to be able to be truly objective when building the strategic plan.  Let us help you develop a strategic plan that is tailor made for your business. 


We will help keep you accountable to your strategic plan by having regular follow up meetings to review the performance against the plan and analysis where, and why, any performance gaps have occurred and if necessary work with you to adjust the plan to adapt to those gaps.

Wealth Management

Estate planning and management has implications for both personal and business returns.

We can help navigate and properly prepare the financial documents you need to optimize your legacy.

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